“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

- Hippocrates

While medical school is often a time of excitement and joy, it can also present a new challenge, one that can create feelings of self-doubt, uncertainty, and imposter syndrome. For medical students of diverse backgrounds, an added cultural imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy can result when we are unable to see those who represent our journeys and unique experiences in our hallways, learning sites, and budding careers.

We are proud to present our podcast series, Dear MD [Medical Students of Diverse Backgrounds] to Be as we work towards creating a culture of medicine that embodies our greatest strengths: diversity, inclusivity, and cross-cultural appreciation.  Through our episodes, we hope to encourage the practice of celebrating diversity among ourselves, our colleagues, and patients. This is our gift to you: We hope to remind you to embrace your diversity, acknowledge the diversity that exists within our medical community, and feel as though it is a subject that should be celebrated, not concealed. By presenting podcast series that focus on physicians’ personal experiences of coming from a diverse background, we hope you will realize that diversity is indeed present, powerful, and advantageous.